Lines of code v1.4.3

Lines of code is an app to calculate commit stats of a user in git. screenshot


Lines of code can be installed via deb package. Source code available at GitHub.


Lines of code uses multiple threads to analyze faster. The maximum threads allowed is 5 by default. It can be adjusted if required.


To calculate stats, email(s) and git clone url(s) are required.

  • To add an email, click on Add an email button. or double click email column.
  • To add a git clone url, click on Add a git clone url button. or double click git clone url column.
  • GitHub repositories can be imported from a GitHub user / organisation. GitHub personal access tokens are also supported.

Once the email and git clone url are added, Lines of code starts analyzing. You can select a repository from the list to view stats for specific repository. Total stats are also shown.